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Engineering Ceramics:

Pivotal Scientific engineering ceramics serve manufacturers in the industries of pulp and paper, oil and energy, metallurgy, power, pharmaceutical, chemical, and automotive when traditional materials cannot meet application requirements. Through combining refined ceramic raw materials with unique proprietary process, we have improved industrial ceramics’ characteristics of resistance to wear, corrosion, and shock. It enables manufacturers to save production costs effectively through increasing life span of their parts.

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Wave Measurement and Wave Generation:

Precision instruments and control systems for wave measurement and wave generation in physical model labs of coastal and offshore engineering industries and research institutions.

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Issue Management Software:

This web based issue tracking software facilitates optimal workflow by prioritization of issues, team communication and accountability, allowing the team to focus on the most critical tasks and providing Managers with a real-time view of work in progress. It is suitable for private or government institutions, and businesses in the manufacturing, education, research, medical, audit, legal, social (human rights) or other fields, the collaboration of individuals (from workers, managers and clients, complainants to respondents) make management a difficult environment to manage. FIT provides a completely customizable solution to manage all of your management needs including the complex interactions and collaboration of resources, documentation and outcomes.

Collaboration is cooperation! This software is an excellent collaborative tool. It is a melding together of all components into a logical flow. It means assessing, planning, coordinating and facilitating the delivery of support and services. It means meeting the needs of those providing services and those who require the services. You can track complex interactions, with a collaboration of all resources, including documentation and eventual outcomes. Issues and tasks can be grouped, reviewed, assigned and resolved without lengthy meetings, allowing more time to be dedicated to dealing with the issues and not simply talking about dealing with the issues.

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Automated 3D Laser Scanner:

Through focusing on metrology applications for the plastic injection molding, metal stamping and casting in the industries of automotive, aerospace, defence, and medical, the precision industrial 3D scanners enable the next generation in quality control for tough inspection problems on parts with complex shapes. The accuracy and speed of lasers precisely renders every feature of an object into a three-dimensional model that can be inspected for defects, further augmented, or reproduced as is.

Leading-Edge Quality Inspection Features: Speed: Up to 350,000 pts/s, + AUTOMATION Ease of use: Very simple interface, integrated indexing system, create a setup in a few minutes and save it for next time Modular design approach allows rapid product development and easier product maintenance Best in breed reputation for speed, accuracy, and reliability

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SharePoint Multilingual Collaboration Solution

PointFire provides powerful yet simple tools to manage multilingual SharePoint environment. As compared to SharePoint multilingual function alone, our solution has superior features in the aspects of choosing your language, switching languages on-the-fly, controlling display tag heuer replica language of web parts, managing variations on one site, supporting variations of publishing sites, supporting variations of all other site types, filtering list content based on language, executing code based on language, managing interface translations, managing interface translations from one location, displaying images based on language, and custom language switching API.

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CNC Backgauge & Shear Gauge

With over 30-years experience, Zakron has achieved recognition as a leader in CNC gauging technology for pressbrakes and shears. We always utilize the latest technology to deliver the best performance and quality. Thousands of our CNC backgauges, shear gauges, and controls have been used for bending and shearing of sheet metal over the world. Our backgauges are range from 1 to 8 axes, with 10 ton - 1000ton capacity, and its X axis can travel up to 72". Front shearing systems can increase accuracy and productivity significantly. From simple 1 axis systems to complex multi-axis systems with Y1 and Y2 synchronized valves for pressbrakes over 1000 tons, our control systems have the ability to operate well on conventional hydraulic, positive stop machines as well as syncro pressbrakes with Y1, Y2 control.

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